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Caboolture Gliding Club

Soar like an eagle on silent wings in a friendly, cooperative club atmosphere from our base at Caboolture Airfield on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. New members and visitors are always welcome.

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Glider Pilot Training Options


Learning to fly a glider has been the starting point for many successful aviation careers. Gliding is one of the safest, most enjoyable and yet most challenging forms of manned flight. It is something that virtually anybody can do - if you can drive a car, you can almost certainly learn to fly a glider. Three flight training options are available at the Caboolture Gliding Club. These include air experience flights, a course running over a number of weekends and progressive training as a Club member.  


Air Experience Flights

An Air Experience Flight is an ideal way to start your training. Your pilot will be an instructor who will teach you the basics of flying a sailplane and allow you to have some "hands on" flying experience.


Training as a Club Member

Join the Caboolture Gliding Club as a flying member and come along as and when you are able. This way you can learn to fly at your own pace. For a student of average ability and assuming virtually no previous flying training experience, the total cost to the "first solo" stage might be in the order of $2,500, but much depends on the ability of the student to attend regularly.


Membership & Flying Fees

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Further Information and Bookings

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