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Caboolture Gliding Club

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Schweizer 1-35 WUC about to touch down in the "spot landing" target area on 30 during the Caboolture Aero Club's "Flying Fun Games Day" (raising funds for Angel Care - Sep'11)


> CGC Current Duty Roster

> CGC Next Duty Roster

Duty Crew to arrange their own replacements if needed using CGC Contact List (see above).

Please advise agreed changes via email to ...

Duty Crew to be at YCAB by 0730 for briefing 0800 - first member flights to commence at 0830.

Please phone the CGC Airfield phone 0418-713-083 if you are running late or can't make it on the day.


CGC Calendar

Meeting & Events Calendar (upcoming events, etc.)

Flight Charges

Flight Charges (check what you have been charged and update your logbook)

Instructor Flight Requests

Member Instructor Request (CGC's on-line  request system for member  instructor flights)

Aircraft Notes



Twin Astir



Club Libelle

General Matters

Training/Hangar Facility Project
Wade Presentation (29-Sep-12)
Wade Response (30-Sep-12)
Annual General Meetings (minutes and reports)

GFA Membership Renewal (guide to renewing GFA membership)

 GFA Membership Status (current status of CGC Members)

Club Merchandise (order online)

Safety Matters

GFA Safety Seminar Report (Apr'16)
Fit to Fly (are you fit to fly?)
Occurrence Reporting (automated reporting system)
 Flight Management (considerations for safety)
 Circuit Planning (with particular reference to YCAB)
Joining Thermals (safety aspects of joining other gliders)
Airspace Steps (YCAB's 3,500 ft to 4,500 ft "steps")

Operations Matters

Daily Inspection and Maintenance Release (Denis Stacey's article from GA  Nov'15)
ABCD/CHAOTIC pre-flight checks (important changes were made in Apr'11)
Operations Manual (CGC operating rules and procedures - updated Mar'16)
The Obligations Of Belonging to a Club
CFI's Page (matters from the Instructor Panel)
Members' Handbook (view draft)
CGC Constitution (as approved at AGM 2002 with updates Oct'10 and Sep'13)
Annual Check Flights & Recency (requirements)
Conversion & Conversions (requirements)
A/B/C Certificates (test questions)
A/B/C Certificates (application forms)

Check Lists (CHAOTIC and other check lists)

Radio (radio test Q&A)
Airways/Radio (GFA procedures for glider pilots)
CGC Radio Guide (pending new GFA handbook)
Instrumentation (CGC radios and navigation instruments)  
So you want to fly gliders? ... by Jim Burch
Post Solo (the way ahead after first solo)
Mentor Program (an outline of the club program)
Training Sessions (three month course excel record)
Towing Procedures (noise abatement)
Dual Towing (safety notes from the tugmaster)
Dehydration (letter by Dr Ken Wishaw)
Training Request (training request system)
DDSC Conversions (from DDSC operating procedures)
Pilot Log Book (Excel based electronic log book)
Duty Pilot Page (information for duty pilots)
Air Experience Instructors (notes for budding AEI's)
Cross Country (general XC references)
Competing (competition flying)
Member Qualifications (response form)
Polar Curves and Speed To Fly (tutorial)
XC Simulation (check decision making skills)
GPS (general information on GPS)
Rules of Flight (a "tongue in cheek" approach)