Queer Birds



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Around 1995, John Parcott (Victorian Motorless Flight Group, Melbourne) organised the transfer to VHS tape of this 16mm documentary that was produced in the late fifties. The National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra were kind enough to facilitate this. He then dubbed about 200 copies to VHS (before DVDís) which were distributed to fellow club members at a nominal cost. John recently digitised this footage from VHS to MPEG2, and whilst the quality is hardly "broadcast" quality, it is watchable. The video has now been uploaded by John onto YouTube for all to see. Should you wish to have a copy for your club or yourself, you can download from YouTube using third party providers . 


This documentary provides vintage gliding footage taken at Berwick (Casey) Aerodrome in Victoria during the 1950's. Casey was the home airfield of the VMFG until it moved to Bacchus Marsh in the 1960's. At about 9 minutes there is some footage of John (Jack) Iggulden who passed away in Oct'10. Jack is being towed by a Tiger Moth (believed by John Parcott to be Fred Hoinville's "Brolga)". There is some fascinating and well produced footage of the time giving some real insight to gliding in the 1950's. The name of the documentary in itself reflects how times have changed over the last 50 years!      


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