John Manners (Jack) Iggulden

- the end of an era -

October 2010

Jack Iggulden

 1917 - 2010


Compiled from Ian McPhee's email to the "Aus-soaring" chat group on 12-Oct-10 ...


John (Jack) Iggulden died at Bellingen on Friday at the age 94.

Jack was proud of the fact he was GFA Membership No.1 (I also think he was the first life member). Jack and his late brother Bill Iggulden (who passed away died 20 plus years ago) were responsible for the GFA manual of Standard Procedures and the GFA instructors manual. While changes have occurred there is still a lot there from the Igguldens. They did a lot of negotiation on behalf of GFAwith Sir Donald Anderson, the then head of DCA. Their life was gliding.

His last flying in gliders was in his beloved ASK14 motorglider.  He owned it till about 3 years ago always thinking he would be able to fly again.  Mind was still OK buy body was failing.  Unfortunately last time I say him was Ben Iggulden's wedding (Jack's nephew Brett's son)  about 4 years ago.  Tom Iggulden, another son of Brett, was married last weekend (we all see on ABC TV reporting from China most weeks).

The Iggulden and the Wills families from UK (Phillip and Justin in UK and Gavin in NZ) always had a close association and always there is still a special place for Lucy Wills in all our lives ... (movie "Windborn" or better known as "Lucy Learns to Fly").    

My main times with the Igguldens was at Lake Keepit and Jack and Brett were like father and son.  Can always remember Jack landed his K14 and said he want to Boggabri ... and when Brett landed his LS4 I told Brett about Jack going to Boggabri -  then a ding dong followed with Brett saying "You lying old bastard - you cut the turn point short".  Jack responded with ... "I could see what the marker was behind the silo". To explain, before camera verification in comps people would drive to the marker and put a L or X or T marker in close to tall silo and change it every say 30 minutes. Pilots would have to write down a time and the marker to prove they turned the marker!

Before being at Bellingen in NSW, the Igguldens came from Victoria where  I seem to remember they did much of the early gliding around Tower Hill. There is an old black and white movie of Jack in a thermal then followed by a bit of a spin - no circuits those days!!!!!

Jack spent time in jail over the Port Phillip Bay development and he supported the greenies in the early days around Bellingen.  

There was also an ABC TV program done on the Igguldens in there early days at Bellingen and they added gliding to the end of the program .  

If you go to the dentist or before you go to sleep on an operating table in hospital you may well see the label that says "PLANET LIGHTING BELLINGEN NSW" which is family company still going under Brett.

Jack had daughter Reberta?  (who also flew Libelle) and her children all did gliding at Lake Keepit. I also remember that at least Graham Reece (Jack's grandson) did many solos. 

Jack's sister Grace died a few years ago ... her husband Fred Hoinville wrote the book "Halfway to Heaven" (however I think the book was written by Grace). There is something about the Olie "the Yellow Witch".

Jack did make a tape recording at Lake Keepit of his version of the history of Australian gliding.  I think at some stage Edmund Schneider when he came to Australia lived under on of the Iggulden's houses in Melbourne.  

I do know Jack was also a writer and wrote several books.  

Jack  lived at "the Promised Land" behind Bellingen. The funeral is on Thursday in the Bellingen area and I think a number of gliding types will be there to see the old bugger off.

Ian Mcphee



Pictured above is Jack Iggulden's beloved ASK-14 motorglider which has been beautifully restored by Bernard "Speedy" Gonsalves and Bert Persson (completed Mar'10). VH-GYP is now regularly being flown by its proud new owner "Speedy" in the skies around Caboolture Airfield. 


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