Gus Mauch Way




  Gus Mauch and Mayor Ron Bellingham (centre) with Mr Mauch’s daughter Helen Lees (left) and son Russell Mauch (right).

  Sign honours local aviator

Emma Channon | Warwick Daily News | 28th March 2011


PILOT Gus Mauch’s unrelenting devotion to the skies will be forever remembered in the Warwick community after a road sign was unveiled in his honour on Saturday. The aviator, glider, historian and tireless pioneer has spent much of his life promoting gliding and flying in the Southern Downs community. Born in Yangan, Mr Mauch served as an RAAF instructor during the Second World War and helped establish the Warwick Aero Club in the ’60s. In 1994 Mr Mauch was awarded the Order of Australia for his role in aviation and gliding and finished his book on aviation history. In 1995 he was named Warwick Shire’s Citizen of the Year and was widely recognised as Queensland ’s top gliding instructor. Mr Mauch, now 88 years old, suffers from emphysema and had to give up flying three years ago. On Saturday Mayor Ron Bellingham and members of the Queensland Recreational Aircraft Association / Warwick Aero Club gathered to witness the unveiling of Gus Mauch Way at the Warwick Aerodrome. Club secretary Phil Goyne said Mr Mauch had played an instrumental role in the gliding and aviation community. “He has been a great mentor to me and everyone who flies,” Mr Goyne said. “Although he has sadly stopped flying, he is still a wealth of knowledge.” Mr Mauch’s son Russell Mauch and daughter Helen Lees came for the presentation and said their father’s real passion was for gliding. “When he was flying, he used to look down on gliding and not think much of it, until (friend) Jimmy Warner convinced him to give it a go,” Russell said. “After the first flight in a glider, he was gone. He was totally obsessed after that.” Speaking after the presentation of the sign, Mr Mauch said he was humbled by the gesture. “I’d like to thank the ones responsible for this. When I’m gone, my name will stay here – it’s a lovely thought,” he said. Mr Mauch said passing on the enjoyment of flying and gliding was his greatest joy. “To watch a little person grow up and get into the pilot’s seat is marvelous,” he said.


Monday 04-May-11
From the Bulletin Board of the Southern Downs Aero & Soaring Club ...
"It is with deep regret we advise that at 7.00 pm this evening Gus Mauch our friend, patron of the glider and aero clubs, fellow aviator and mentor to many of us passed away in Warwick Hospital. He will be missed".

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