Formation of the GFA's Cross

 Country Coaching Operations - 1970's 


Adapted from an email from Rob Moore who was, until recently, the Chairman of the GFA's Sports Committee. 


Not many people are aware that it was Max Howland that started the formal GFA cross country coaching operations in the 1970's.

He was very active in writing articles for Australian Gliding magazine on the subject although he did not get much recognition.

It was not until another ex QLD member Maurie Bradney became involved due to a GFA grant that coaching became more main stream. 

In 1980 Wally Wallington formed the Competition Committee with Sue Martin and myself as members and it was from this that the Sports Committee formed by gathering all the various sporting committees together.

In 2003 the Sports Committee invited Brian Spreckley (a British Coach) to Australia to run a series of coaching workshops at Benalla. Another leap forward in the coaching of glider pilots happened and also the formation of Joey Glide and the Junior Gliding movement was formed. Lisa Trotter had large involvement in this as she was the Coaching Convener at the time.

I have attached a photo of Max who I believe to be the father of Australian cross country coaching. 


Rob Moore,

October, 2010 







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