Queensland Gliding 

in the 50's, 60's and 70's


Compiled by Kevin Rodda based on photos, notes, letters and log book entries provided by 

Max Howland, ex WWII pilot and instructor ... a pioneer of gliding in Queensland.


Long Service Leave 1963

(National Gliding School #6 - Gawler, October 1963)


 Visited a number of Gliding Clubs and was Staff Instructor at the 6th National Gliding School held at Gawler, SA.


       Tested the T31 for the Blackall Club. Joy Grove flew at Kingaroy and attended the NGS. Her husband was the local chemist.

   Winch at the Mildura Club.



6th National Gliding School at Gawler - 1963.

    NGS Gawler - ES49.

NGS Gawler - privately owned Kookaburra.
NGS Gawler - long wing Kookaburra.
On tow at NGS Gawler - the newspaper reporter stood up facing back in rear seat of tug - that is why I am to the side.


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