Edmund Schneider's First ES-KA6's

(both now reside in Queensland)


VH-GRS and VH-GRV side-by-side at Caboolture 05-Oct-09


"Romeo Sierra" was the first ever ES-KA6 and "Romeo Victor" was the second.  The ES-KA6 (built in Adelaide under licence by Edmund Schneider) is a version of the German manufacturer Albert Schleicher's Ka6-Cr sailplane. 


GRS was first registered in Aug'61 (ES Serial Number 50) and GRV was first registered in Jul'62 (ES Serial Number 54). The Schneider factory serial numbers were allocated in sequence as gliders came off the production line ... irrespective of the various models that were being produced.  


The photo above shows the first outing of GRS at Caboolture when she was removed from the trailer after arriving from Victoria ... a nostalgic re-union of the two "first hatched" ES-KA6 gliders.

It is interesting to ponder as to how many times they may have been been together before.
Caboolture's proud K6 owners ... Barry McCarthy & Garrett Russell (at left and at right respectively - owners of ES-KA6 VH-GRS) with Bernard "Speedy" Gonsalves (at front - owner of Ka6-Cr VH-GSR) and Kevin Rodda (at back - owner of ES-KA6 VH-GRV).
GRS has had only two pre-McCarthy/Russell owners (Gliding Club of Victoria at Benalla VIC and South Gippsland Gliding Club at Leongatha VIC). 
GRV has had several pre-Rodda owners (Marj Pegler - Quilpie QLD, Ian Aspland - Kingaroy QLD,  Goondiwindi Soaring Club QLD, Charleville Soaring Club QLD, stored de-rigged under a house at Charleville QLD for some 18 years through to 1999, stored de-rigged by Barry Deeth for another 3 years at Caboolture QLD, major restoration during 2002 and 2003 by Thomas Dattner at Tyagarah NSW before migration to VIC under the ownership Walter Dietz at Mangalore Gliding Club).

  "Romeo Sierra" at SGGC. 



 Marj Pegler's brand new ES-KA6 "Gorgeous Romeo Victor" in August 1962 at Cornwall Station, Quilpie QLD.  


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