Queensland Gliding

in the 50's, 60's and 70's


Compiled by Kevin Rodda based on photos, notes, letters and log book entries provided by 

Max Howland, ex WWII pilot and instructor ... a pioneer of gliding in Queensland.



Australia's First "Gold C"

   Max Howland - May 1965

Marj Peglar's brand new ES-KA6 at Cornwall Station, Quilpie QLD in 1962.

On 11-Jan-65, Queensland pilot Max Howland took a 1,200 feet winch-launch in Marj Peglar's ES-KA6 "Romeo Victor" from Benalla (Victoria) at 1130 and landed in Narromine (New South Wales) some 5 hours and 15 minutes later "with 4,000 feet to spare" to achieve his second Diamond Distance. 
On that day, Ian Aspland also made it to Narromine in a Mucha while Maurie Bradney landed at Dubbo.
Only two weeks later, on 19-May-65, and in his very next flight (also in "Romeo Victor"), Max achieved Diamond Height with a barograph certified height gain of 17,500 feet from a 700 feet car-tow launch at Oakey (Queensland).

With three Diamond's under his belt, Max now had his full "Gold C" and this placed him at No. 1 on the Australian Register.  


Max's comment ... "but only No. 412 on the International Register ... which rather puts we Australian pilots into context".  

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