Queensland's First Gliding Flight

Thomas Macleod  - December 1910


Thomas Macleod (1881 - 1963)


 A yachting and flying enthusiast, Macleod built and launched his auxiliary yacht "Brynhild" in 1909. The next year he helped to found the first Queensland Aero Club and a State branch of the Aerial League of Australia. 


   In July 1910 he helped to build a biplane glider, the first heavier-than-air apparatus built in Queensland, and made the State's first officially observed flight in a bat's wing monoplane glider, which he had constructed. 


 The biplane glider's first flight was made on 22-Dec-1910 on the slopes at Oxley near Brisbane QLD (now known as Seventeen Mile Rocks). A wooden rail was used along which the glider slid, on a cradle, before becoming airborne. 


Experiments continued, and Macleod met and became a firm friend of Bert Hinkler.  

The Thomas Macleod Aviation Archives, Queensland Museum, established in 1973, are named after him.
On 18-Dec-2010 a memorial will be dedicated to Macleod to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of his gliding experiments - the land where the 1910 flight took place remains undeveloped and the Brisbane City Council has allocated a section within a park for the memorial in the form of a plinth with a large brass plaque detailing Macleod's exploits.  

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