RTO Operations - QLD 

April 2011



  Dave Sharples (ex president of GFA and QSA), Mike Truitt (ex RTO Ops - QLD), John Clayton and Gus Mauch (ex RTO Ops - QLD). This photo was taken at JC's last QLD Ops Panel Meeting as RTO-Ops QLD in 2004.

John Clayton confirms that there has only been eight officers holding the position of RTO Ops - QLD during the past 50 years (prior to 1958 all operations matters in Queensland were administered directly through the Gliding Federation of Australia in Melbourne).  

Max Howland 1958 1963 5 years
Keith Wright 1963 1968 5 years
Gus Mauch 1968 1974 5 years 
Jim Warner 1974 1977 3 years
Bill Keys 1977 1990 13 years
John Clayton 1990 2004 14 years 
Mike Truitt 2004 2008 4 years
Tony Scarlett 2008 present

The information listed above was passed to John Clayton from Gus Mauch and Dennis McCaffrey (in relation to Max Howland and Keith Wright, the information is from memory and therefore may not be entirely accurate). 



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