Geoffrey Raph

Founding father of the Kingaroy Soaring Club

Passed away peacefully 27-Sep-12 aged 86 years



[from " Gliding Australia" Nov/Dec'12]



 During the 2011 National Junior Gliding Championships (held at Kingaroy in Dec'11) the founder of the Kingaroy Club, Geoff Raph, donated his Astir CS glider to the Australian Junior Gliding Club.



Contributed by Ian Perkins (from Kingaroy Soaring Club chat) ...
Sent: Monday, 8 July 2013 9:56 AM
To: Chat Kingaroy
Subject: Geoff Raph's Obituary

I came across this obituary in the Brisbane Grammar School News, which I
thought may be of interest:

“Geoff Raph attended BGS from 1939 to 1943.  He was a keen sportsman and won
the cross country championship in 1943, breaking the previous record.  Geoff
was also involved in rowing at school and later coached the Old Boys crew on
the Brisbane river. He then went on to start a rowing club at Maroochydore
in the early 1960's.

Upon graduating from BGS in 1943, Geoff entered the RAAF.  After
successfully completing his training, he was posted to the Dutch East Indies
where he flew many missions, flying Australian troops and ex-prisoners of
war home to Australia.

In 1958, Geoff became an inaugural member of the North Coast Gliding Club.
He subsequently purchased a Tiger Moth and together with his friend Dick
Thompson, established the Air Maroochydore Flying School.

Around all this flying activity, Geoff also established an optometry
practice in 1956 which continued until 1985, but his love of flying
continued for many years after. Geoff and Joyce were married in 1950 and had
three children”.

Mark Dalton

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