Formation of the GFA

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The Gliding Federation of Australia (the 'GFA') was founded in 1949 when the government moved to regulate, and dominate the sport. To counter that move, the then scattered, almost fragmented, gliding community united to form a self regulating national body which was offered to the Department of Civil Aviation as an alternative to government control.

The GFA was established from the fundamental concept:- 

"We have a philosophical, moral and ethical right to a very considerable degree of freedom, from the modern trend to extend the powers to the State. We have an absolute duty to fight for the freedom to be adventurous individuals in an age of dull conformity if we so wish. We can plough our own furrow and if we make it straight enough the lack of any need for interference will be so obvious that people who might feel a duty to control such a thing will not bother with it".  

J. M. Iggulden, 1960.

This concept is still valid today.


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