Formation of the Darling Downs

Soaring Club - 1960



- from the Darling Downs Soaring Club's website -


In 1959 Max Howland from Kingaroy, in an Australian designed Kookaburra 2 seat glider, landed at Oakey Airfield.
He got a tow out and eventually outlanded in Lindsay Richards' paddock. 
Lindsay Richards then organised a group of people, including Dennis McCaffrey, Rex Teakle, Jim Wetherspoon, John Bell and Peter Walker and formed the Darling Downs Soaring Club in 1960.
The club operated from Oakey Airfield using winch launching.
In the mid 1960's the club started aero towing with Tiger Moths whilst retaining winch operations. 
Glider K7, QX, was purchased in late 1965. 
The club changed to solo aerotow in 1967 using a Tiger Moth. 
In June 1969 the club departed Oakey Airfield with the arrival of the Army and operated off satellite paddocks for a few weeks before establishing the existing site.
The clubhouse and bunkhouse were ex-WW2 Oakey Airfield buildings purchased from the Department of Housing for a nominal cost. They were moved from Oakey to their current location. 
Hangar plans were drawn up in January 1970 and built in mid 70.
The club's airfield was owned by Dennis and Jean McCaffrey until the club purchased the land a number of years later (hence the name - McCaffrey Field).

Max Howland and Marj Pegler after setting the Australian two-seater record in Kingaroy's Kookaburra at the Nationals held in Narromine in 1962.  



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