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Caboolture Gliding Club

Soar like an eagle on silent wings in a friendly, cooperative club atmosphere from our base at Caboolture Airfield on Queensland's beautiful Sunshine Coast. New members and visitors are always welcome.

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Brisbane Valley Gliding Club
Caboolture Gliding Club

This page is under construction ... items that have been obtained from various sources have been listed here with a view to review, correction, addition and/or deletion. The intention is that the snippets provided form the basis of a recorded history of the clubs. Please let us know if you can be of assistance in this ongoing process. 

Contributed by Bob Turner:
BVGC founder was Tony Hayes in 1989. Original CFI was Bob Turner (on a temporary three months basis while Tony Hayes gained endorsements to take on the role). Hughie Dare purchased VH-GVD which operated at Gympie from 23-Mar-90 to 11-May-90. Other members who flew at Gympie were Tony Hayes (re-soloed), Ernie Clark, Steve Vette, Fran Vette, and Danny Tolson.
Watts Bridge 18-Aug-90: Bob Turner check flight by Tony Hayes in K4.
Caboolture 02-Sep-90: Bob Turner check flight by John Clayton (RTO).
Bob Turner instructed at Caboolture until 20-Jun-91. 
John Clayton and Bill Schoon then instructed at Caboolture full time. 
Contributed by John Clayton:
I first flew with BVGC on 22-Jul-90 with Tony Hayes (President/CFI) and, from memory, L2 Bob Turner is the only other remaining member. Believe Tony Sorensen, Ernie Clark, Rod O'Hara and Phil Walters were tuggies flying the Piper Super Cub at the time. Bert Persson was also about. Club fleet consisted of Blanik (VH-GVD) and the KA4's were VH-IKK and VH-XJP. 
First flew with Peter Stephenson Aug'90.
Brisbane Valley Gliding Club became Caboolture Gliding Club May'91.
First flew with Brian Wade 25-Oct-92 (JC's birthday).
Well known identity Gus Mauch from Warwick saved the day spending some time re-endorsing many Tuggies in the Club at Caboolture in the very early days of BVGC.
The late Adrian Mutch was one of the regular tig pilots who stayed with the club for a number of years (President 1992).
Ray Dawson was another hard worker for the club in the early days of CGC.
In the early days of BVGC using the clu tug, we could only operate on 12/30 and only when Phil Walters was not banner towing.
Contributed by Peter Stephenson:
18-Aug-90: Peter Stephenson flew in GVD at Watts Bridge with Tony Hayes.
29-Aug-90: Peter Stephenson flew in GVD at Caboolture with John Clayton.
I was BVGC Treasurer 1990.
Contributed by Tony Sorensen:
I first towed for BVGC in Jul'90 after Tony Hayes contacted me at someone's instigation to see if I could help out. Phil Walter put me in the Super Cub. I arranged for Tony Hayes to give me a call when they were stuck for a tuggies and I would help them out if not rostered at Boonah. I  was never a member of the club. Worked out well for a while until I received some sour comments about being at Caboolture when I was required at Boonah. The only two instructors can recall dealing with then were Tony Hayes and Bill Schoon. The only aircraft I can remember towing were the KA4's.
Contributed by Nev Donald:
I did some towing to help out in Jun/Jul'90 in the Super Cub VH-KSW after a check out with Phil Walter. Being a new club, BVGC was light on for tail-dragger endorsed tuggies.
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